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KeAloha Couch

kealoha couch, EA


KeAloha Couch founded Couch & Associates in 1992 with a simple thought in mind—to provide expertise and service to Bay Area business owners and individuals who want their financials to support their goals in business and in life. There is a connection between who we are in life and our financial profiles, and KeAloha sees the connection. Before founding Couch & Associates, KeAloha served for almost two decades as a chief accounting officer, in roles such as Vice President and Corporate Controller, at two major advertising agencies in New York City. Her years as a chief accounting officer gave her hands-on experience growing businesses in the commercial arts and partnering with business leaders to structure the organization’s finances to meet the demands of competition and growth. And of course, she assisted in the planning and preparation of the corporate taxes.
Today at Couch & Associates, KeAloha understands the tax accounting needs of businesses and of high earning individuals, who are busy being experts in their field and want to leave their taxes and planning to another expert.
A child of the sixties and a child of the Hawaiian islands, she is a little bit of a free spirit who appreciates the uniqueness and creativity of her clients. The moment tax season is over, you’ll find her on a plane, at the farmer’s market, or in the spirit of Aloha, enjoying life wherever she finds herself.

Charles Frisbie

Charles T. Frisbie, CPA

Tax Manager

Charles T. Frisbie joined Couch & Associates in 2011 and has been a California CPA for over 20 years. Before joining Couch & Associates, he held several positions, including a Staff Accountant at Mowat Mackie & Anderson LLP, Corporate Controller for Consolidated Engineering Labs, and CFO for a $20M corporation.
Charles specializes in real estate taxation, covering rental and investment properties. He also focuses on individuals with overseas business interests, working with clients who work in or have investments outside the US, as well as US citizens who live abroad. Known for being focused and straightforward, he helps his clients grow their investments and realize tax savings. His credo is to deliver technical expertise in the areas of tax and financial accounting while exercising discernment of the challenges that his clients face.
Outside of the office, Charles enjoys socializing, appreciating his partner’s culinary skills, which he diligently burns off in the gym.



Staff Accountant

The principal staff accountant at Couch & Associates, Inc is Chevonne Wang. She joined the firm in 2016. Currently pursuing her CPA certification, Chevonne has an Accounting MBA from the University of Bridgeport School of Business.
- Chevonne offers a variety of services to small business owners, entrepreneurs, foundations and corporations. These include up-to-date financials, year-end reviews, coming year forecasts, tax return assistance and business tax returns.
A true hands-on problem solver, Chevonne might help one client understand complex bookkeeping issues...and then walk another through a new technologies integration.

Originally from mainland China, Chevonne graduated with a BA in English literature before completing her MBA. A committed West Coaster today, Chevonne retains fond memories of the fall colors at her Connecticut alma mater


chris cho, CPA

Tax Accountant

Chris Cho is a California CPA who started with Couch & Associates as a tax accountant in 2014. Chris graduated from Simon Fraser University in Canada with a Bachelor of Economics degree. Before moving into public sector audits, Chris started with Griffin and Poka, CPAs.
One of Chris’ specialities is working with clients who receive complicated and layered K-1’s from publicly-traded partnerships. Methodical by nature, he traces and and tracks the nuances of stock transactions derived from ISOs, RSUs, GSUs, Employee Stock Purchase Plans (ESOPs), stock harvesting and more.
Chris blends infectious good humor with the shrewd eye of an experienced auditor. That combination of drive and affability keep his clients happy.
A world traveler who makes his home in the San Francisco Bay Area, Chris can be found playing pickup basketball on courts in and near Berkeley, rooting for the Golden State Warriors, or hosting the annual March Madness brackets here at Couch & Associates, Inc.


isabel couch

Audit Manager

As our audit manager, Isabel navigates the complex rules, procedures and timings of tax enforcement and resolution on behalf of our clients. Isabel is a strong advocate whose experience includes tax audits, removal of tax liens, IRS appeals and offer and compromise. Upon resolution, Isabel assists clients with strategies to maintain compliance and good standing. “I am passionate about my work, which is to bring clarity and resolution to what has often been unnerving situations for my clients. It is truly rewarding.



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Midori johnson

Client Services

cholai kalwitter

Staff Accountant
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